Acquisitions, Transformations, Change.

A safe, responsible business consultancy that specialises in acquisition, transformations and change.

Our Services

As an established business consultant, I am able to offer the following services to my client:

- Business Sourcing : We will source businesses for sale that will benefit either your existing business portfolio as a bolt-on acquisition or enable you to venture into a new market sector via an established business in that industry.

- Business Funding : We are able to advise our clients in business funding, both for the new business and against existing owned businesses. Our funding covers all aspects of the acquisition process including legal, financial and commercial due diligence processes.

- Business Acquisition : We will provide the client with the full acquisition life cycle, including sourcing, analysis, financing, negotiations, due diligence and closing. Our process is safe, responsible and complete, ensuring that the business acquisition is done in a swift and confidential manner to all parties concerned.

- Business Transformation : Our acquisition process also comes with the option to analyse and transform the business processes so that the business can operate in an efficient manner with maximum productivity and with complete control to the new Business Owner on operations through Management Intelligence reporting systems allowing them to keep a finger on the pulse of the business without being present in the business.

Our History

A showcase of the companies in which we were directly responsible for their transformation or acquisition.

About Adeel Mirza

An accomplished Project Manager, successfully delivering projects in Business Operations, I.T. and Sales with extensive experience in business acquisition, transformation and streamlining.

Can communicate effectively with both technical and business staff, building productive relationships across organisations, keeping sponsors and stakeholders involved and informed.

Hands on manager with a technical background in data migration and business intelligence.

Client facing manager with the ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an easy to understand manner, building rapport, inspiring trust and exuding authority to the customer.

Comfortable dealing with Business Owners, presenting progress reports and business cases for business improvement initiatives and corporate strategy.


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